Payment Authorization Software

Ensure Your Money Goes to the Right Place

When combining Ascend’s proprietary Payment Authorization Software with the tracking system, PathTracker™, Ascend can help ensure that your state’s Medicaid agency’s funds are directed to the appropriate nursing facility for the correct individuals.  Use PathTracker to track individuals’ locations, whether in a hospital, nursing  facility, discharged, or transferred. The Payment Authorization component takes this tracking information and ensures that ONLY the nursing facility where the individual is currently a resident is approved for payment by the Medicaid office.

Ascend’s system prevents your Medicaid office from paying two nursing facilities simultaneously for the same individuals.  Using our software, secure, instantaneous data exchanges occur in real time via internet application, so no days of unnecessary payment will be lost.  Ascend helps to link isolated entities within the state to automate a typically paper-heavy process. Ascend’s Payment Authorization Software gives Medicaid offices the knowledge and power to perform checks and balances, turning payment off when a patient leaves one facility and turning payment on for the patient’s new facility.

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