Paperless Workflow Algorithm Software

Ascend Streamlines Complex Processes

State departments are working hard to find efficiencies, make improvements to systems, ensure compliance, and stay within allotted budgets while providing exemplary healthcare services to the growing numbers of constituents.   As a state officer, your tasks may seem daunting, but Ascend offers economical solutions for accomplishing all of these endeavors. 

Ascend works extensively with states to streamline and simplify paper heavy procedures into web-based, paperless workflow systems using algorithms to expedite decision-making processes.  Our first step is to meet with state officers to thoroughly and comprehensively analyze each phase and detail of a workflow process.  We then eliminate redundant procedures, reorganize workflow into streamlined and efficient processes, develop web-based systems, and systematically train all pertinent parties.  When contracting with Ascend, not only do we think through your departmental needs, our experience has shown that it’s important to take into consideration affiliated departments and interconnected services. 

Contact Ascend and let us streamline your unwieldy, dated processes into smooth, efficient workflow plans.

Actual Situation with an Ascend Customer: Ascend worked a with customer state to simplify an incredibly complicated waiver eligibility verification process. The state’s former process involved over 50 paper forms that were faxed, mailed, or otherwise routed back and forth between 4 different agencies. The process was extremely slow—the mail would be delayed and paperwork would sit on busy workers' desks for days. Forms were often lost or misplaced. Important client information and application status were not being recorded and catalogued in any central location.


Ascend's Solution: Ascend helped the state remove the paper from the process by creating a web-based database system offering real-time access for all stakeholders. Instantaneous data submission reduced wait times, automated reminders provided structure, and collection of discrete data allowed reporting and trending. A complex, inter-agency process was simplified into a user-friendly web-based application. As a result of Ascend's expertise in developing efficient workflow processes, the state saved time and money and improved the quality of services provided to residents.

Ascend’s team of specialists are experts in mastering complex, intricate processes and using our technology to create modernized, web-based workflows that radically simplify the process. Consult with us today on your inefficient healthcare process.