PASRR Manager: Ascend's PASRR Software

Harness the Power of PASRR with
Ascend's PASRR Managerâ„¢ Software Suite

Ascend’s proprietary, customized, innovative PASRR Manager™ Software Suite offers federally compliant, easy-to-use web applications that allow users to perform PASRR Level I screens and Level II evaluations in the most cost-effective, high quality method available. Heuristics are built in and outcomes are fast and accurate.  Leave the hard work to us.  You can choose to have our highly experienced PASRR clinicians quickly perform the reviews, or use our software independently with secure, password-protected access for all pertinent, state-identified users.   With either choice, our PASRR Manager Software Suite writes the summary and sends notifications, while giving you the option to select from many standard and custom reports. 


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