IMD Alertâ„¢: IMD Monitoring Software

Avoid Medicaid Recoupment by Monitoring IMD Status

Let Ascend help you minimize your state’s risk of recoupment from federal Medicaid authorities through our Institute for Mental Diseases (IMD) Monitoring Software, IMD Alert™.  This innovative software performs electronic identification and tracking of important triggers that lead to IMD status by maintaining complete information on resident census, transfers, admissions, and discharges.  IMD Alert can be added as a powerful module to work alongside your customized Ascend PASRR Manager™ suite to provide you with automatic updates about your nursing facilities’ IMD status, or as a separate and independent IMD Monitoring Software solution.  With either robust system, you receive agency reporting capabilities, automatic notifications to facilities and/or states when the facility is nearing IMD status, and a significant reduction in your state’s IMD risk.

  • Accurate nursing facility census
  • Automated notifications and graduated warning system
  • Convenient web-based access for providers and state authorities
  • State access to monitor and implement admission controls
  • Standard and custom reports Targeting of at-risk facilities
  • Accurate tracking information
  • Tighter provider payment control
  • Risk management and controls
  • Individuals are served in more appropriate settings
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