IDD Software

Best Practice IDD Assessments

States and providers need reliable and timely access to assessment, rate and support information to authorize, plan, and ensure essential care and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).   States need the ability to flexibly access and analyze assessment and supports needs data for reporting, planning and forecasting.  As states and providers alike work to optimize resources for persons with disability, data has become the new currency driving successful transitions from traditional to innovative, balanced, and sustainable support systems to meet the needs of persons with IDD.  

Ascend's IDD support needs assessment projects are fully supported by data capture, data analytic, and data dissemination functionality to ensure that meaningful data can be accessed in powerful and flexible ways to provide multiple stakeholders reliable and accurate information to drive decisions and actions benefitting persons being served.   

Ascend's highly efficient web-based IDD assessment data management system give states and providers ready access to our comprehensive demographic and assessment information. Information is accessible 24/7 and real-time—providing access to the entire history of an individual’s IDD assessment experience at your fingertips.  Timely, reliable, and accurate dissemination of assessment, rate allocation, and service authorization information facilitates planning and delivery of appropriate care, informs policy decisions, and helps providers and states plan for the future; saving time and resources while driving meaningful care decisions. 

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