Web & Paperless Solutions

Innovative Web-Based Technology

Complex Scheduling Software—Ascend Scheduling Assistance Program™ (ASAP™) streamlines the scheduling process for assessments with multiple respondents

IDD Software—Web application available 24/7 simplifies the IDD assessment process and stores important data

IMD Monitoring SoftwareIMD Alert™ lets nursing facilities know when they're nearing IMD status and alerts states when a facility is an IMD

Level of Care SoftwareLOC Pro™ is an easy-to-use web application facilitating online screening and referral

Paperless Workflow Software—Ascend's specialists simplify and streamline any paper-heavy workflow. Using algorithms, Ascend can track waiver applicant statuses, set reminders for annual reassessments or audits, enable different entities to communicate with each other, and clear your files of millions of sticky notes.

PASRR Manager Software SuitePASRR Manager™ is a comprehensive suite of web-based, heuristics-driven applications that streamline the PASRR process

Payment Authorization Software—Ensures your dollars are distributed appropriately