IMD Monitoring

IMD Monitoring Made Simple

Why should my state worry about Institutions of Mental Diseases?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a "50% test" to identify facilities over 16 beds that meet requirements for Institutions of Mental Disease (IMD). Facilities meeting IMD qualifications are excluded from receiving federal Medicaid dollars. If a facility is retrospectively identified as meeting the IMD exclusion, it is at risk for federal recoupment for the entirety in which the facility met those requirements. CMS holds state government agencies accountable for monitoring IMD risk status and preventing federal payment when facilities transition to IMD status. However, management of large scale information about recipient admissions and transfers is very complex.

How can Ascend help?

Ascend simplifies that complexity through IMD Alert™, Ascend's proprietary web-based software solution that works alongside PASRR Pro-I™ to collect information about admissions qualifying under the IMD test. Providers maintain IMD Alert information in response to monthly automated reminders and graduated warnings, and authorized state authorities may monitor high risk facilities to identify when subsequent admissions must be restricted and to implement controls that prevent conversion to IMD status.

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