IDD Assessments

Quality, Cost-Effective IDD Assessments

For your state’s precise uniform IDD assessment requirements, Ascend is the national leader in independent, person-centered assessment methodologies, expert consultation with rate setting processes, and knowledgeable support with all stakeholders.  With expertise and training in several uniform assessment protocols, Ascend’s IDD assessment projects are implemented with fidelity, independence, cost-effectiveness, responsiveness, and data integrity.  Whether using the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®), Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP), interRAI, or other IDD assessment tool, Ascend partners with states to:

  • Design uniform assessment programs that maintain federal compliance
  • Ensure assessments are administered systematically, independently, and transparently
  • Track and provide reporting on a wide range of variables
  • Deliver accurate assessment data to assure Individual Support Plans (ISPs) are fair, equitable, and based on objective need. 

With each IDD assessment project, Ascend focuses on several key objectives to provide the highest quality of services, integrity, and independence to ensure that:

  •  Each and every interview is fair, equitable, and valid
  •  Assessments accurately represent each individual’s support needs reliably, fairly, and without the presence or perception of bias
  • The assessment is conducted by an IDD expert who is committed to person-centered standards
  • Individuals with IDD have maximal opportunity to lead the best life possible
Our clinical expertise is bolstered by our web-based IDD assessment technology. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with your state on all IDD assessment needs.

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