Excellence in Assessments

States use a variety of specialized, conflict-free screenings, assessments, evaluations, and reviews to accurately determine care and service needs for individuals.  Ascend partners with states to perform these assessments with conflict-free accuracy meeting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations. 

We conduct assessment services in a range of service and community settings and for all populations, including children, adults, elderly, and persons with physical, behavioral, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

States can trust our expert guidance during rebalancing initiatives and infrastructure improvements and to ensure accurate, conflict-free, and compliant assessment projects. Ascend works closely with state officers to  implement training and assessment strategies for both standardized and non-standardized tools and protocols with strict fidelity to quality standards. Our team remains apprised of emerging industry standards on assessment tools and techniques, so your state is offered expert guidance on a variety of standards-based assessment and utilization review methods.

For more information on specific assessments that we perform, click the links below: