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Partnering to create innovative solutions

States need an independent vendor that can manage complex, statewide assessment projects with vulnerable populations on tight deadlines. Ascend provides the highest quality solution for this vital need.

We are the most experienced providers of independent assessment services in the nation. Our projects are supported by customized data platforms along with an overarching quality improvement wraparound model that ensures assessments are clinically excellent and administered with fidelity.  Ascend provides the most thorough, quality, cost-effective assessment services available, including:

  • Utilization review, service determination, level of care, and related assessments that help states meet Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations;
  • Managing complex programs that allow states to serve vulnerable populations on a large scale; and
  • Building paperless authorization and information systems to provide states speed, accuracy, and access to the data needed to inform policy and program decisions.  

Ascend collaborates with its state partners to provide cost effective, innovative solutions to solve problems and enhance services.  Browse the left menu to see how we can help your state or organization streamline its systems, improve efficiencies, and maximize compliance.