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According to the PASRR Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), PASRR has three goals:

  1. To identify individuals with mental illness (MI) and/or intellectual disability (ID)
  2. To ensure they are placed appropriately, whether in the community or in a nursing facility; and
  3. To ensure that they receive the services they require for their MI or ID (wherever they are placed). 

Correct placement and identification of appropriate services ensures the safety of the individual, fellow residents, and optimizes the individual’s quality of life.
The consequences of not completing the PASRR prior to admission to a Medicaid-certified nursing facility are substantial (see TN 12/16 State Memo).

  • Federal rules expressly limit Medicaid funding for nursing facility services to those services provided after the PASRR screening and related review are complete.
  • The State’s rules go further, noting “Medicaid-certified nursing facilities may not admit individuals applying for admission unless these persons are screened (under PASRR.)"
  • Because nursing facilities face substantial recoupments and other sanctions if a required PASRR is not completed prior to admission, nursing facilities are unable and unwilling to admit individuals unless and until a required PASRR evaluation is fully complete. It also bears noting that TennCare recently clarified to nursing facilities that both federal and state officials are monitoring and enforcing these longstanding PASRR requirements.   

To prevent delays, TennCare encourages all hospitals to complete the PASRR screening for their patients. This is a critical component of effective discharge planning, as it helps to ensure that post-hospital extended care services are appropriate and available prior to the person’s discharge to such services.


PASRR safeguards the needs of other residents. Most of all, it considers the individual, his or her specific needs, capabilities and desires, while matching the person to the best placement and services available.

For many people, placement in a nursing facility is the best way to care for their chronic medical needs. For others, however, nursing facility placement may not be appropriate, especially if they have needs that the nursing facility is not equipped to meet, such as those that accompany a serious mental illness or intellectual disability/developmental disability. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) was designed to ensure that individuals are not admitted to or retained in nursing facilities when there are superior alternatives.


Training and assistance are available to help your hospital learn how to complete the PASRR process accurately and efficiently. For more overview on the power of PASRR, refer to the Past Webinar links at the bottom of this page.

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Slides from the 5/10/17 and 5/11/17 Level I and Level of Care (LOC) webinars are available here.

Slides from the 2/09/17, 2/15/17, 2/17/17 and 2/23/17 process flow webinars are available here.

Slides from the 1/25/17 and 1/26/17 webinars are available here.


Regional Training Materials

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Slides and Notes: CHOICES Level of Care (LOC) updated 7/05/2018

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TN PASRR Level I Items
Practitioner Certification Form for Exemptions and Categoricals
TN PAE Certification Form
TN PASRR - NF User Guide
TN PASRR - Hospital User Guide
Nursing Facility Guide - PASRR Submission for Non-Admitted Individuals

The TN PAE Certification Form also available on the TennCare Website

State Memos
State Memo 12/15/16
State Memo 1/6/17