Supports Intensity Scale®


The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®) represents a huge leap forward for the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) field.  This assessment emphasizes supports rather than deficits. It leads to person-centered rather than program-centered thinking. It highlights success rather than status quo or deficits.  It consciously measures what it would take to live a life of inclusion in the community rather than inclusion in segregated programs.  Finally, the SIS intentionally explores a full range of everyday life activities rather than limiting expectations about an individual’s possibilities. 

The SIS can benefit providers by allowing them to analyze the support needs of the persons they serve in the context of the services they offer.  The SIS also helps providers compare the cost and efficiency of services in achieving the goals important to the individual.  This information can enable providers to quickly anticipate and plan or advocate for the appropriate intensity of services for each individual. In many settings and jurisdictions, the SIS has been shown to be useful to predict service needs and costs. 

Ascend currently performs SIS assessments in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.


SIS is a registered trademark of AAIDD.