PASRR in Nursing Facilities

Matching Patients with Best Placement Options

Pre-Admissions Screenings can aid a facility to ensure the best outcome for residents with behavioral, developmental, and intellectual disabilities.   Pre-admission screening can identify when a person’s behavioral health needs are too great for nursing facility care, and it can also identify when nursing facility care is appropriate.

The pre-admission screening provides special instructions to nursing facilities:

  • Alerts  how to best avoid a person’s triggers of episodes of mental  decompensation.
  • Informs  how to handle mental decompensation episodes when they occur.
  • Notifies the facility about history of suicide attempts or violent behaviors.

PASRR safeguards the needs of other residents. Most of all, it considers the individual, his or her specific needs,  capabilities and desires, while matching the person to the best placement and services available.

Ascend’s role as an independent, third party, provides the individual with a conflict-free assessment, ensuring the best possible placement and services for the assessed individual.