About Ascend

Ascend Manages Complexity

Ascend, A MAXIMUS Company, partners with states to:

  • Provide specialized assessments to ensure individuals receive the appropriate care and supports to improve their quality of life.
  • Manage complex programs that allow states to serve vulnerable populations on a statewide basis with fair and accurate healthcare services.
  • Help states maintain compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.
  • Build paperless authorization and information systems to provide states with the speed, accuracy, and access to the data needed to inform policy and program decisions and improve the delivery of healthcare.  

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, Ascend is nationally recognized for specializing in programs for individuals who are elderly, persons with physical disabilities and complex medical conditions, and persons with behavioral health, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. We help these individuals receive the services and support they need by providing extremely accurate, conflict-free, and compliant assessment services.  When conducting on-site assessments, we work with a system of healthcare professionals around the country who are extensively trained by Ascend to conduct these assessments in their communities.  Assessment services offered include Preadmission Screening and Service Review (PASRR), Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®), Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP), Utilization Review (UR), and many others.  See Services for more information on these assessments as well as the many other products and services we provide.

Ascend works with states and other entities to simplify their complex, paper-heavy workflows and provide algorithmic, web-based tools and applications to streamline both processes and communications.  We customize our services to match each states’ needs by developing sophisticated data system architecture for reporting and data analysis.  See Web/Paperless Solutions for more information on how we can simplify your workflow.

Ascend has been designated as a Quality Improvement Organization-Like Entity (QIO-like Entity) by CMS since 2007. Ascend is nationally certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National  Council (WBNEC) as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). We are also certified as a WBE in the states of North Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia.  In 2015, Ascend was honored to be recognized as a Top Workplace by The Tennessean, Tennessee's largest newspaper.