Mission, Vision, & Values

The Foundation of Our Company

What makes Ascend stand out?  Beyond our clinical and technical expertise, Ascend's history is rooted in our strong and deep commitment to all of our stakeholders.  We know that our work affects many systems and lives, and we are committed to serving them all with professionalism, advocacy, integrity, and conflict-free assessments. This extends to the individuals we assess, their families, provider groups, and our government customers.



As a company, Ascend takes a person-centered approach with the individuals we serve. We provide recommendations that emphasize specific services and supports that reflect what is important to and unique about each individual. We identify effective ways to overcome environmental barriers that may interfere with attaining the individual’s desired service and placement outcomes. By highlighting the strengths and capabilities of each person, Ascend’s goal is to help ensure a high quality of life for those we serve.